Company doctor vaccinates at HSM

Since 07.06.2021, vaccination prioritisation in Germany has been lifted and anyone interested can apply for an appointment to be vaccinated against Covid 19, regardless of age or previous illnesses. But it is not as easy as it sounds – appointments in vaccination centres are rarely available and there is also great demand among general practitioners.

For this reason, HSM GmbH + Co. KG from Frickingen decided to offer its employees an on-site vaccination programme. There was a big positive response to the offer: 66 vaccinations were given on the first day, and more appointments will follow. Many of the newly vaccinated are very grateful for this opportunity and happy with the good organisation.

"We are very pleased that our company doctor, Dr Margret Geiger, has agreed to carry out vaccinations against Covid19 in our company. Anyone who is interested can get vaccinated," says Monika Haidlauf, Head of Human Resources Management at HSM.

Vaccination is an important pillar in the fight against the virus. It serves to protect all employees, including those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. However, the decision to be vaccinated with the new active substances is and always will be a very personal one.