Product group HSM ProfiPack P425

Product group HSM ProfiPack P425

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HSM ProfiPack P425 packaging machine - 400V This robust and performance-optimised packaging... more

HSM ProfiPack P425 packaging machine - 400V

This robust and performance-optimised packaging machine is used to process a number of layers of cardboard into a padding mat or padded filling material. The professional device is mobile on steering rollers and can be used with total flexibility.

ProfiPack C/P Not-Aus-Schalter
When the emergency stop switch is actuated, the device stops immediately.
ProfiPack C/P Lenkrollen/Feststellbremse
The device can be used on a mobile basis and has smooth-running, stable castors with a parking brake.
ProfiPack C/P Energieeffizienz
The high efficiency of the drive enables a particularly sustainable operation of the device.
ProfiPack Verpackungsmaterial
The packaging material can be used wherever required and provides an optimum protection for objects.
ProfiPack C/P Dauerbetrieb (P425)
The efficient drive concept ensures a powerful operation at constant load.
ProfiPack C/P Schnittbreite
The infinitely variable adjustment of the working width with a scale allows the production of cushioning material exactly as required.
ProfiPack C/P Bedienung (C400/P425)
The intuitive operator control panel with LED indicators on a robust keypad signals the operating status of the device.
ProfiPack C/P Vollstahl-Schneidwellen
The induction-hardened solid steel cutting rollers are wear-resistant against cardboard staples and guarantee durability.
ProfiPack C/P Stauchungsklappe
Depending on the application, the cushioning volume of the packaging material can be adjusted as required.

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