HSM Horizontal Baling Presses

The HSM horizontal baling presses are suitable for industry, manufacturers and waste disposal companies. In addition to paper, cardboard and foil, they are often used for compressing expansive materials such as foams, polystyrene, hollow vessels, metal buckets, barrels, car tyres, etc.

The baling presses of the HL series feature low overall height and a large loading aperture, facilitating handling of these materials by the user.


  • The volume of most packaging material is reduced by up to 95 % in a matter of seconds!
  • Application areas: wholesale, manufacturers, logistics, central stores, paper industry, printing plants, distribution centres, food retailers
  • Materials: paper, cardboard, plastic film, expanding foams, polystyrene, hollow vessels, metal buckets, barrels, car tyres and much more
  • Pressing power: from 80 kN to 700 kN
  • Bale weight: up to 850 kg
  • Low overall height, large loading aperture, also suitable for bulky material

Technical features:

  • Long service life due to the wear-resistant electro-hydraulic drive
  • High throughput capacity with large loading aperture
  • Low subsequent costs due to low-maintenance hydraulics
  • Smooth, trouble-free operation due to torsion-free press ram guidance with roller bearings
  • Easy operation by membrane keypad
  • Optimal compression due to retaining claws in the press chamber
  • Polythene bag attachment as option
  • Feeding: manual or automatic
  • Bale strapping: manual, with polyester tape or wire

HSM HL 7009

The bales from a HL 7009 have a cross-section of 1100 x 1100 mm and a bale length of 1200 mm up to 600 kg in weight.