HSM SECURIO document shredders: are you looking for quality, durability and design? Then you have found the perfect answer with the HSM SECURIO document shredders. You can expect the highest level of quality here – Made in Germany.
The innovative HSM Pure document shredder line is not only the epitome of reliability because of its proven "Made in Germany" quality and solid construction, but also impresses due to its timeless, modern design and easy operation.
HSM shredstar document shredders: data privacy concerns everyone! So shred sensitive data at the office or at home with a document shredder from the HSM shredstar series.
Shred hard drives and other storage media safely and efficiently.


Data misuse causes damage worth millions! You can avoid this danger with professional document shredders which match your requirements perfectly and which shred your data securely and reliably. The quality of HSM machines will give you this security with their well designed cutting units which have been proven worldwide.

Document Shredders

HSM offers a great range of document shredders worldwide – for virtually every application area. In the product lines

you will find the right shredder for your requirements.

Shredder Baler Combinations

Shredder baler combinations are complete, compact disposal stations. They provide for data security up to the security level P-5 and compress the shredded material into bales, which can be easily transported and recycled. The HSM shredder baler combinations are suitable for shredding large quantities.

Digital Media Shredders

The HSM StoreEx digital data media shredders shred digital and magnetic media into tiny particles, making recovery practically impossible. Safe and efficient to use, data protection compliant.

Consumable Materials

Everything you need for the smooth operation of your HSM shredder, coordinated original consumable material.