Partner for copy machines, fax and printer systems

HSM Powerline HDS 230

Solution for the production of biogas

HSM FluidEx 600

Disposal solution for the mail-order business

HSM VK 4012

Recycling of cardboard, PET bottles and aluminium

HSM VK 8818

Reliable production support and fully automatic waste disposal

HSM VK 4208

Data Protection Solutions

HSM Classic 225.2 & HSM SECURIO P36

Solution for the processing of TV and PC monitors

HSM V-Press 860 S

Document shredding as an economic mainstay for workshops for the disabled

HSM SP 5080

Succesful Premiere of PET Briquettes

HSM BRP 4810

HSM vertical baling press provides order and cleanliness at the ROBINSON Club

HSM V-Press 610 eco

Easy baling of extra large cardboard

HSM HL 3521 S

Presses and Shredders from One Source

HSM VK 12018

HSM Powerline HDS 230

Data security in the hotel - with document shredders from HSM

Secure data media shredding as an opportunity for disposal companies

HSM Powerline HDS 230

Specific security requirements, especially in the banking sector

HSM SP 5080

On-site data destruction using HSM SECURIO document shredders


Optimised material flow management

HSM V-Press 860 L