The philosophy of “Great Products, Great People” links together HSM with business partners around the world. The factors behind HSM’s success includes a philosophy which is consistently followed by the family behind the company and management. It encompasses the values of flexibility, quality, self-awareness and corporate social responsibility. Together, these values have developed into a shared understanding of how HSM wishes to conduct itself both internally and in terms of its business partners: “Great Products, Great People”.



This family company stands for making quick decisions, reacting flexibly to the market, agile business processes and ensuring healthy growth.


HSM concentrates on their core areas of shredders and presses upon which their quality concept is built. “Made in Germany” still enjoys an outstanding reputation even in these times of globalisation. Our employees’ expertise guarantees HSM’s understanding for quality and is reflected in the products, customer advice and unique services.


We can focus more clearly if everyone in the team holds to joint guidelines. Living out the values to which we hold ensures a level of self-awareness. We know what our strengths are and can recognise potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility

HSM is committed to supporting people and conserving the environment. This is why HSM not only focusses on environmentally-friendly production (and associated economic advantages passed onto customers), but also supports social and ecological projects.