HSM V-Press 605

Pressing not possible, is the motor not running?

Check the safety fuses.

Pressing is not possible, no lights are on.

Check if the main switch is fully pulled into the ON position and the safety fuse is in order.

Bale ejection is not working.

  • Have you displaced the bale ejection lever? Move the press into an upright basic position with the two-hand operation; close the press door and start the pressing operation. Stop the press with the stop key if the press plate does not stop automatically when the pressing material runs out (the press will get noisier). Now open the door, push the bale ejector lever and eject the bales with the two-hand operation.
  • Is the bale ejector lever loose? You can check this by checking the screws that secure the bale ejector lever to the press plate. If they are loose, tighten them so that the ejector could operate again.

Does the press make too much noise?/ Is it noisier than normal?

  • It is possible that the press plate is deformed or positioned at an angle that caused scraping against the inside of the housing. Check the press plate for deformation and contact your technician if you notice any deformation.
  • There may be too little oil in the press oil tank. Check the oil level and look for leaks in the hydraulic hoses and cylinders. If the oil level is too low, please top it up with hydraulic oil (according to the manual) and contact your technician if the noise levels fail to improve. If you discover any leaks in the hoses or cylinders, immediately stop the press and contact your technician.
  • The guide rollers of the press plate may require lubrication. Lubricate the rollers with multipurpose grease / oil.

Is the tension tape needle difficult or impossible to pull out?

  • It is possible that some leftover pressing material is stuck in the guide rail. Try to pull the tension tape needle with a gentle right-to-left movement and clear the guide rails from the remaining material.
  • The tension tape needle might have been deformed. Try to pull out the tension tape needle and check it for deformation. If you find that the tension tape needle is deformed, please order a new tension tape needle.

Is the bale not ejected?

  • Check if the ejector bolt is completely sunk in the recess behind the press plate. If this is not the case, you may have to remove some of the material from the press and try to push the ejector bolt into the recess behind the press plate by using the ejector lever. Check if any leftover pressing material has accumulated in the recess in front of the ejector bolt and, if necessary, clear the recess before attempting to push the ejector bolt into the recess by means of the ejector lever.
  • Alternatively, check if the strapping band got stuck in the press plate. If this is the case, cut off the strapping tape. Then eject the bales with the remaining strapping tapes.

Did the strapping tape snap during bale ejection?

If this is the case, the guide profiles on the bottom or the channels on the back wall could be blocked. To eject the bales, free the guide profiles and the channels of the leftover material.

The band brake is no longer working / is faulty.

The band may have been installed incorrectly. Check if the band was installed according to the operation manual.

Do bales expand after strapping?

  • The tape brake may have been left open during pressing. Make sure that the tape brake is closed before the first pressing operation after the installation of the tape.
  • The tape brake may be faulty. To find out, install the tape. Close the tape brake and pull out the tape, positioned at the back wall of the pressing chamber (check all bands). If you can pull out the band, please proceed as specified in “Band brake is no longer working”. If this is not the case, contact your technician, as the band brake needs to be replaced.
  • It might be too loose. When strapping, make sure that the band and the knots are pulled tight.

Is bale ejection not possible?

It is possible that the two-hand operation was not enabled simultaneously; try to eject the bales by pressing the two-hand operation simultaneously.